Samsung Galaxy S4? Note 2? or Blackberry Z10?

So we have all read about how amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be, and yes the specs do seem to be impressive, what with Samsung applying for the patent for it’s new eye-scrolling function plus a 13 mega pixel camera, better and bigger screen and various other hop-up’s, there’s lots of speculation around the new Galaxy!!! But none of that is new info for you so I’m not going to bother wasting your time repeating what lots of others have already wrote.

As an iPhone 4S user I’m looking for something new and yes I am a fan of Samsungs, Don’t get me wrong, my iPhone has done a stella job, but it’s coming to the end of it’s days so I’m just beginning to look what’s out there. Before I learned that the Galaxy S4 was coming out I did plan to buy the Note 2, but the word is that the new Galaxy S4 will have a 4.99 screen,  That in it’s self begs a question, just how big is this new Galaxy 4 going to be, and I was always under the impression that a large chunk of people did not like the size of the Note range and tended to go with the Galaxy S3, I do hope Samsung have considered this as they bloody well should do hehehe.

Now we all know Samsungs are really attractive to look at, and there generally lighter, I must admit it is an appealing thought to loose that metal brick I have been carrying round for the past two years!!! But is the build quality there with these lighter phones, the only thing I’m not concerned about is changing operating systems, in fact I’m quite bored with apple now, and need something new.

Unfortunately there is one other factor for me to consider before I invest my hard earned money, the new Blackberry Z10, you have to admit the BB 10 OS is really impressive, and visually the phone is attractive, And I do believe the build quality of blackberry’s have always been decent, The phone itself definitely has the specs that I need and I have to say that it’s a hard one now, A three legged race and know clear winner!!! A dilemma is in front of me it would appear!!!

Clearly I have to wait for the Galaxy S4 to be released then make a choice from there, But I do hope the S4 is a clear winner as picking from the Note 2 or the Blackberry seems really close. Any advice at this point would gladly welcomed!!!

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