Valentines Day Give Away At SW-BOX.COM

Valentines Day Give Away At SW-BOX.COM

Hey great news everyone, SW-BOX are holding a Valentines Day giveaway, starting on the February 1st and ending on February 18th. There will be 16 lucky winners picked from everyone that qualifies for the give away. Winners will be announced on or around the 21st of February. Now the prizes up for grabs are 10x 16GB Flash drives, 5x Google TV Devices and one lucky winner will get a free white iPad Mini 16GB WIFI version, sounds great right?

Give Away Prizes

Imagine you win the top prize, for me the iPad Mini is the best iPad ever made, It’s a good size to play games and surf the net, and it’s still big enough to read books on line, plus it fit’s in some of my Jeans pocket so I can carry it around with me all the time, I guess for me I wouldn’t be disappointed if someone gave me one for free!!! But winning the other prizes would still be cool, imagine your mates all come round to see you, and there you are watching youtube on your TV? Then comes the how are you doing that then? You can tell them you’re a genius or you could throw them a wink and say yep, I’m a winner on SW-BOX!!! And let’s face it, even if you just win a Flash drive, that’s still something really useful.

So how do you have a chance to get any of these cool gadgets, Well it’s simple to enter, all you have to do is spend over $10 USD, collect your order number, then go to SW-BOX’S Facebook page and find the Events box on the top right of your screen, click it, then click the join button on the top right of that screen, then paste your order number into the comments box, it’s that simple, you will then automatically be entered in to the draw where you have a good chance of winning a cool gadget or if you are a really lucky person, you may win that fantastic iPad Mini.

Wow That sounds great but how do we make the give away fair, well the best way to be fair is to have a live draw, what I mean by that is, I will collect all the order numbers from Facebook then print them out, put them in the raffle box and let some of SW-BOX employees help me to pick the winner’s, and all winners will be notified via email. Now I wonder how many of the 16 winners would be so kind as to post a comment on there own Facebook page, just saying YES I won a ……  from SW-BOX, I guess we are going to find out, good luck everyone!!!

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