Tips to Protect your iPhone against Thieves

tips to protect your iPhone 5 against thieves

Apple has brought us a lot of surprises and changed our world entirely. People like this company and their products. But some people showed their love in quite a different way. Between Dec 19th to 2012 Dec 26th,, some thieves slipped into 3 Microsoft offices in Microsoft Building 5 and collected 2 iPad 2, 3 iPad 3. That was not an end. Just a week ago on the New Year’s Eve, some armed guys broken into a Paris Apple store and taken about €1m (£800,000) of goods away. And it’s hard to calculate how many individuals’ iPhone were stole. So iPhone protection is not only for protecting your phone against unwanted damages, it’s also for avoiding getting targeted by thieves.
Well, not taking your iPhone to the street must be the safest way. But it’s impossible. And here are some methods worthy a try. Check the details below:

  • Install some Apps so that you can find your iPhone back when it’s lost.

As more and more Apple products are targeted by thieves, you’d better prepare for the worst situation. Get some apps from itunes to knock your iPad Mini when it’s lost, or use some special tool to track the position of it. There is a lot of information online about how people get back their iPhone/ iPad and you need to do some work now.

  • Fake it as something else with a 3D Case or an Anti-theft Case.

Most people may choose a case for their iPhone for the style and protection against damages. Not many people aware how important another protection they need to establish for their devices: protection against thieves. And some cases can do this job very well. A 3D case that fakes your iPhone into a pig, bird or a camera is a nice choice. It’s like a mask, which covers the Apple logo and turns it into something that people have no interest with a second glimpse.

3d cases for iPhone 5 at sw-box

Also, you can try a anti-theft case.

anti-theft hard bumper case for iPhone 5

Yes, you may notice there is a weakness for this method. People can know it’s an iPhone when they see the screen with the Apple authorized icons. And here comes the third weapon.

  • Use a Privacy Screen Protector in the Public.

Arm  an anti-spy privacy screen protector for your iPhone 5 (iphone 4…). Unlike a regular screen protector, this privacy screen protector protects you against unwanted attention around you. They can’t see what’s on your phone. That’s amazing. And the screen may look a little darker and thicker with this privacy screen protector. Consider how it works, it worth the sacrifice.

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