Product Review: Cheap Lightning Cable and Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter for iPhone 5

It takes some time for SW-BOX to get cheap Lightning to USB cables and Lightning to 30 Pin adapters as special chip is used inside the lightning that only third-party manufacturers with Apple’s authority can produce them. So you know why Apple pushes iPad 4 only several months after The New iPad was released: the lightning.

Lightning to usb cable and Lightning to 30 Pin Adapter for iPhone 5

First, let’s take a look at our Lightning cable. It looks exactly same with the official one. As we test it, it works perfectly for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, including charging, syncing with itunes and so on. It can detect the device immediately when it connects to the laptop or power bank. But it can’t charge the iPad Mini on the laptop as iPad Mini requires more power.

cheap Lightning 8 Pin to usb Adapter for iPhone 5


Neill also made a video for this lightning cable.

Then, it comes to the cheap lightning to 30 Pin adapter for iPhone 5. It’s very tiny. But it’s very powerful. With this adapter equipped, your iPhone 5 are connectable with your old iPhone 4s docks, power bank and so on. As we test it, it works perfect with the iPhone 4s 30 pin cable to charge. We even tried it on an external battery for iPhone 4s. And the result is amazing.

cheap Lightning 8 pin to 30 pin adapter for iPhone 5

Well, the official lightning to usb cable charges $19 and the adapter $29. Guys who normally use 3 cables, one for home, and one for car and the last for office have to pay almost $60 for just cables. If they want more adapters, then it gets much more. That’s ridiculous. The lighting to usb cable at our site costs only $11.67 and the adapter $ $9.17 with free shipping service offered. How do you think about the lightning cable and adapter?

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