Splice: Tree of Life Puzzle Game Review

Splice Tree of life app review

“Luxury challenge”, this is how I feel of this game: Splice:Tree of Life. Produced by Cipher Prime, it’s an experimental and artistic puzzle game which can surely make puzzle fiends excited.

As the name states, Splice is a puzzle game about the microbial world. On every level(or strand), there are several cells requiring you to rearrange into a target structure in several moves. A limited number of moves are available, encouraging plenty of experimentation and determining just how everything works. To make it more complicated, the cells react in certain ways to each other with mutation possible, which requires the ability to visualize sequential series of shapes over time. With a simple UI, there is not adequate notice information. Even you go to the help menu, the info offered is blur which makes me doubt whether it helps. So errors and Trial is the only way to push forward.

splice: tree of life app review

Do not feel good if you pass the early stages. The coming stages with more kinds of cells and new characters get the thing more challenging. It requires more preciseness on predicting how the sequential series changes in one move. Plus, the limit of number of moves surely adds the difficulty.

splice: tree of life app review


splice: tree of life app review

splice: tree of life app review

The Splice features unique UI and impressive music style. The background resembles the real scene under the microscope. The ultra simple menu style may make you uncomfortable at first. But once you adapt to it, you will love it. So does the piano background music. You will like its artistic style.

Kindly note this game is only available for iPad and has no skip button, which means you have to face the risk to get thoroughly stuck on a particular level. This game is designed for ones who love to experiment and puzzles. Actually it ‘s the same style with SpaceChem, guys who like it should also try splice.

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