Mission Alarm Clock App & Funny Run Away Alarm Clock Review

review: Mission Alarm Clock app and funny mission alarm clock from sw-box

Waking up issue supports to be one of the most common problems all over the world. Even set the alarm clock alerting every 5 minutes, you will still find that you’re half an hour late for work after opening your eyes. It happens that you fell asleep again in 1 minute after stopping the clock unconsciously. However, your boss won’t buy it. Well, the Mission Alarm clock will surely save you. Two options are offered.  You can either grab a mission alarm clock app for your phone or grab a real funny mission alarm clock to get you out of this situation. 

The new way is to equip your iPhone with this mission alarm clock app, which is updated on Aug 23. Featuring detailed CG graphics, it has five mission types from easy to hard to wake you up.

mission alarm clock app

mission alarm clock app

Type 1: Pull down the lever to pass. It’s very easy.

Type two: Touch the cars in numerical order. It’s still easy.

Type Three: Tilt your device and hit the bull’s eye. Only when major of the bull’s eye is covered, you can successfully pass.

Type Four: Still doesn’t wake up? Then you need to try type 4. Keep shaking your phone to land the “shake” in whole red. Do not stop or slow down. Otherwise, the process will last longer time. This mission requires really hard-working. When I test, the alarm stops after I kept shaking the phone for 30 seconds. I swear I sweated .Take care and do not throw your iPhone away. LOL.

Type Five: Do some mathematic. The calculation is very easy. But to type the right answer in may require a conscious nerve. By the way, this is the new mission added for the update.

This new mission alarm clock app can be found at itune now. Take a look if you are interested in.

Well, all alarm clock app have a problem: people can give up by powering off the phone. However, it doesn’t occur on a traditional mission alarm clock.

For this Golf sport time Alarm Clock, it requires you to roll the steel across the maze and finally reach the flag place to hit the hole. This is the only way to stop the alarm as the battery is sealed and can’t be take out without a screw driver. It’s definitely not hard when you get familiar with this game. Practicing several times before setting the alarm clock will help a lot. Want to take the challenge?

Golf sport time mission alarm clock

Golf sport time mission alarm clock

Golf Sport time alarm clock

This funny run away alarm clock will surely drive you mad. With two big wheels, it will run madly in your room alerting and won’t stop until you catch it.  As it’s so tiny, it can go anywhere in your room. It’s also easy to be stuck in some corner which needs your clear head to figure out where it locates and how to save it.  Like the idea?

funny run away alarm clock


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