APP REVIEW: Popsicolor

Popsicolor is a funny application which can create water-color effect on photos. User can import pictures from album or take a new photo and let Popsicolor generate an amazing image with watercolor and oil painting.


Frankly speaking, the effect is not the same as real watercolor, but superior than that. The app works best with highly graphic images with strong shapes and outlines.


After you accessed into this application, you are able to click the camera icon on the left bottom side so that you can import photo, there are three options available then. Wait the app generating image and you will see a totally and utterly different picture with watercolor effect. All colors will be re-organized and images will have watercolor and rubbing effect. There will be no farfetched vision. Pictures are like refresh and full of artistic breath.

Popsicolor will fulfill exhilarating element in each picture you imported and produce fashionable image. Unlike the rest of photoshop applications, Popsicolor will add shade, garin and wispy veins as well in order to emphasize texture and ink effect.

You can click here to download this app if you are one of the fan!

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