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App Review: Top Girl

  <<Top Girl>> is a RPG gane in which player will become a fashion model, joining parties, buying clothes, making up and dating. The mode is quite simple: make money—>buy cloths—>date—>make yourself pretty, enhance glamour—> become Miss popular. <<Top Girl>> is one of the best game that players are craving for. It only took three days [...]

Stop Having Problems on Playing Draw Something!

After waves of Angry Birds, Fruit Ninjia, recently Draw Something leads a trend of puzzle-like all over the world. You are able to download it from both iOS and Android platforms. Rule is quite simple, after your downloaded this app and entered the game, system will randomly gives you a few options of word like [...]

Over 100 million dollars market value; will iPay be the last puzzle of Apple?

It seems not quite real that Apple’s value reach to trillion by counting on iPad or iPhone. Apple’s products have occupied a certain percentage of the market and growing up with high speed. The last piece of jigsaw puzzle possibly is an application somewhat like Paypal, 3rd party payment method, here we call it iPay. [...]

Diving or Swimming, summer is coming!!!

  Weather becomes hot recently and friends of mine are busy purchasing gears like swimming goggles, fins and camera stuff. That’s for sure a big budget. If you are huge scuba fans, you probably have aware of how expensive for a underwater digital camera will cost.  Fix this problem and reduce expenses beyond expectation. Let’s [...]

Classical Game “Max Payne” is About to Launch on IOS Platform

Life knows two miseries; getting what you don’t want and not getting what you want. Max Payne,  a DEA undercover agent,  a lone ranger is about to back, on IOS platform.  News is saying that <<Max Payne>> made by Rockstar Games will debut on IOS and Android platforms and named “Max Payne Mobile” and stage [...]

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