Savvy way to save more money to buy what you really want:

Psychologist claim that even the simplicity of just being aware of your spending can make a huge difference on your spending habit and more importantly your propensity to spend. Most urbanites now a days practically have their smartphones surgically attached as an appendage and thus what better way to make them self-aware of their spending than a budgeting app that can track their spending for them. And what kind of budgeting app would it be if you had to pay for it? This app by Toshl, which is non-climatically called Toshl, will do just the trick by providing you painless tracking of your expenses and will display your information in a variety of info-graphs – and all for free! (Optional premium features are available for a cost).

iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 2



What does Toshl do:
- tracks expenses, budgets
- helps you visualize, analyze data -> helps you save money
- syncs to the cloud for backup, multiple devices sync, info-graphic visualizations…
- can help your family, small business or group track common expenses under the same account

Why it’s cool:
- plenty of character, plus it has actual little characters
- beautifully designed & smooth for the user
- responsive, stable and secure
- very easy and simple expense input
- multiple, custom tags
- enter expenses in any currency
- automatically convert expenses to your main currency while traveling


iPhone Screenshot 3iPhone Screenshot 5


Click on any of the pictures to go straight to the app and what better way to complement your savvyness than by getting the iPhone Wallet/Case from SW-BOX.

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