Samsung Galaxy S4? Note 2? or Blackberry Z10?

So we have all read about how amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to be, and yes the specs do seem to be impressive, what with Samsung applying for the patent for it’s new eye-scrolling function plus a 13 mega pixel camera, better and bigger screen and various other hop-up’s, there’s lots of speculation around the new Galaxy!!! But none of that is new info for you so I’m not going to bother wasting your time repeating what lots of others have already wrote.

Valentines Day Give Away At SW-BOX.COM

Valentines Day Give Away At SW-BOX.COM

Hey great news everyone, SW-BOX are holding a Valentines Day giveaway, starting on the February 1st and ending on February 18th. There will be 16 lucky winners picked from everyone that qualifies for the give away. Winners will be announced on or around the 21st of February. Now the prizes up for grabs are 10x 16GB Flash drives, 5x Google TV Devices and one lucky winner will get a free white iPad Mini 16GB WIFI version, sounds great right?

SW-BOX end of year party


Hey last Saturday was SW-BOX end of year party, and there was so much fun, all the bosses and managers had to dance to Gangnam style, that was the start of the show, ( if they don’t find out I will post a video on youtube ) it’s quite amusing anyway every department had to put on a show, even me, I tried to sing a Chinese song, ( Badly I might add ) but I did try anyway. There was games to play, gifts to hand out, lots of good food and of cause some serious drinking to be done, we’re get to the drinking later,

Tips to Protect your iPhone against Thieves

tips to protect your iPhone 5 against thieves

Apple has brought us a lot of surprises and changed our world entirely. People like this company and their products. But some people showed their love in quite a different way. Between Dec 19th to 2012 Dec 26th,, some thieves slipped into 3 Microsoft offices in Microsoft Building 5 and collected 2 iPad 2, 3 iPad 3. That was not an end. Just a week ago on the New Year’s Eve, some armed guys broken into a Paris Apple store and taken about €1m (£800,000) of goods away. And it’s hard to calculate how many individuals’ iPhone were stole. So iPhone protection is not only for protecting your phone against unwanted damages, it’s also for avoiding getting targeted by thieves.

Will RIM succeed with there new BB 10 OS when launched on Jan 30?

So Blackberry 10??? How and where do we start, It does seem a far more advanced OS than anything else in the market, every article, every demo every blog I have read tells me it is phenomenal, but can Blackberry really make a comeback, They are 5 years late in the game, but RIM do seem to have really stepped up to the challenge, and I’m quite excited to see how things pan out over the next few years,

What about the Alcohol breath tester compatible with iPhone 4S?

Hey who wants to see a review on the Alcohol tester compatible with iPhone 4S

 Black Alcohol Tester

I believe it’s pretty accurate, I tested it in two totally different ways, the first night I went for some really strong alcohol that was 54% , I poured a normal size shot, downed it, “coughed” composed myself and waited for about 3 minutes to let the initial alcohol off my breath, then proceeded with testing it, straight away it indicated that I was at 0.6 and dangerous, so I thought well actually that’s not a fair test and didn’t tell me a great deal, so the next night I purchased one can of beer and a bottle of red wine, the beer was a standard 330 ml can with a 4.2%  and the red win was 11% , so the alcohol was as close to standard as possible, I then drank the beer first, ( It went down quite nicely hahaha, ) then set up the alcohol tester and waited 3 minutes, tested myself to be 0.2 and safe to drive, I then poured myself a nice glass of red!!! It was just over 1 ¼ of the bottle in size, ( I got three glasses out of the bottle before it was empty and my head was spinning hehehe ) anyway the first glass I drank took me around 20 minutes to drink so I think that is reasonable for a glass of wine, I then tested my breath again and the device said I was at 0.5 and dangerous!!!

Video Review: High Quality iPad Mini Smart Covers VS Low Quality Ones

Difference between high quality smart covers for iPad Mini and low quality ones

iPad Mini finally launched after a long-time expecting. And it’s time to grab it a cool smart cover or case for it. If you want to save some money, Chinese online stores are always the best choices. However, the price for  iPad Mini smart cover varies. It charges at $5 at one store and $15 at another. If you try to figure it out by contacting the dealers, you will find out that’s frustrating as dealers always say their products has no quality problems. Surely there must be some difference. And Neill will show you the difference between a high quality one and a low quality one in this video.

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